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What Is PC Optimum Program? How To Get Start With It?

    Do you visit the Loblaws Superstore regularly? Else, do you shop online? If your answer is yes, then some good news for you.

    Do you know about the PC Optimum Program? If not, read below.

    PC Optimum is a rewards program different from any other reward program. It is customized especially for you with outstanding events and amazing deals or offers on items you buy the most. So, whatever you shop at the Loblaws Superstore, you get rewards for being you.

    If you are a member of PC Optimum, there are exclusive offers for you. In addition, there are extra savings for every small item; save more at pick up. Moreover, only members’ pricing will be reflected on your bill.

    PC optimum program

    Want to order Loblaws groceries online?

    Some days you need a pickup, some days delivery. So, please choose any of them accordingly and grab some fantastic prizes.

    Shop at Loblaws Supermarket and spend more than $100 on your first order to get any of the below gift prizes:


    25,000 PC OptimumTM points² with code 25PTS100 

    or One month of FREE delivery¹ with code 1PCX2022

    or three months of FREE pickup³ with code 3PCX2022 

    Loblaws is conducting a sweepstakes program under the name of Storeopinion.Ca. Enter the program to win a $1000 Gift Card / 1M PC Optimum Points.

    How Are Offers Chosen With PC Optimum?

    To begin with, we must understand your shopping patterns to know precisely what products you shop for. For that, the more you shop at the Loblaws store with your PC Optimum card, the better we understand your interests.

    So, every time you shop at the Loblaws Superstore, you must use the PC Optimum card to pay the bill. Thus offers will be identified for your favorite products and brands.

    So, understand everything and shop at the Loblaws store – win 25,000 PC Optimum, one month of FREE delivery, or three months of FREE pickup.

    How To Convert PC Points To PC Optimum Points?

    It is straightforward to understand. Do you know the ratio of 1:1? PC Points were converted to PC Optimum Points in the same ratio.

    checking pc optimum points

    Example: If you have 25,000 PC Points, you have 25,000 PC Optimum Points.

    Importance Of PC Optimum & PC Plus Program:

    • PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum programs become the PC Optimum program. You need one car or app to buy or win the rewards.
    • Yes, PC Plus Program Changes To PC Optimum Program.
    • As a PC Optimum member, you can earn & spend the points of the PC Optimum Points at the PC Plus Program today. In addition, you are eligible to earn and redeem rewards at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix locations.
    • If you shop at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores, you can earn 15 PC Optimum Points for One dollar for everything you purchase.


    It is all about the PC Optimum & its importance. You get every detail about the reward points and how to avail them. If you feel any discomfort, shoot your questions below. Thank You.

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