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How To Reset PC™id Password & Email Address?

    What is PC™ Identification?

    A PC™ Identification is a universal login that you can use and access across all varieties of Loblaw and Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. websites.

    Suppose you are registered at any online grocery store website, i.e., or If else, you already have one account. Then the identification for the PC™ is your email address and password. You can use these credentials the log in to the PC Optimum account.

    PC optimum app on shoppers drug mart

    If you are a PC Plus member, you must create a PC™ id for the PC Optimum registration.

    PC Optimum is a loyalty program conducted by a Canadian retailer company Loblaws. Loblaws has a loyalty program named PC Plus to get more clarity about it. At the same time, Shoppers Drug Mart has a loyalty program named Shoppers Optimum. Therefore, Loblaws’ & Shoppers Drug Mart’s merged to form the PC Optimum program.

    How Do I Reset the PC™ ID Password?

    Forgot your password? No worries, follow the below steps to recover it quickly. You can reset your password on the PC Optimum App or

    • To begin, visit the website, go to the PC Optimum application & click on Sign In.
    • In addition, you will be taken to the accounts page, and you must enter your email address & password. Then, click on Forgot Password option.
    • Kindly enter the PC™ id email in the given box and hit the “Send Email” option.
    • You can see that mail has been sent to the email you gave earlier.
    • Open your mailbox and check for the mail with the PC Optimum reset password. Could you open it and click on the Reset Password button?
    • Furthermore, you can set a new password, re-enter the password, and hit the “Reset Password” button.
    • Finally, your PC™id is set with a new password. Enter your credentials and sign in with your new password.
    reset PC™ ID password

    Steps To Update PC™ ID Email

    Follow the below steps to update your email address in a few steps.

    1. To begin with, visit the official website. Now, log in to the PC™id account.
    2. To update your email, visit the PC™id account and the “Your Profile” category.
    3. Now, click on the “Update Email” option.
    4. Further, a link to update the email has been sent to your latest email address.
    5. Click the received link; now you can enter your new email address; please confirm it by entering the same email address again. Finally, click on “Update Email.”
    6. Therefore, your PC™id account email has been updated. So, if you are using the applications using the PC™id account, the changes will be reflected on those too.
    Update PC™ ID Email


    A PC™id is a universal login account that you can use to login into various online platforms like Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart. So, if you want to reset your password or email address, this article might help you to some extent. Thank you for reading the article.

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